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1. Objective

  • Purpose of the qualifying examination is to examine the students academic capability for PhD degree.

2. Examination Period and Eligibility

  • Qualifying examination is generally given twice a year (third Friday of June and January).
  • Students in PhD program must pass the exam within 4 semesters after entering the program.
  • Students in combined program must pass the exam within 3 semesters after entering graduate school.

3. Course Selection for Examination

  • Application for Qualifying Examination is to be filled out with 5 courses selected under his/her supervisor's advice and to be submitted to the department office with the approval from the chair of the department.
  • Submission periods for the application are the third weeks of May and December.
  • No more than one course for one professor is allowed and the course in other department is not allowed.

4. Setting and Evaluation of Examination

  • Written examination for each course is to be set up by the corresponding professors and it could be Open Book or Closed Book as decided by each professor.
    ※ Examination length is about 75 minutes.
  • Examination is held under supervision of graduate officer of the department.
  • Result of the examination is to be submitted by the corresponding professors to the graduate officer of the department in the written form.
  • Status of 'Pass' and 'Fail' is given for each course taken. When 3 or more course receives 'Fail', the whole examination is considered 'Fail'.

5. Retest

  • Students who did not pass the whole qualifying examination can apply for the re-examination once more. Failed courses can be tested individually but the course selected for examination can not be changed.

6. Other Information

  • Exception to the information written above can be decided with the approval of the chair of the department.