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1. Degree Requirement

1) Minimum of 32 credits should be acquired with at least 18 course credits.
2) Minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for successful completion of the degree.
3) Additional following requirement should be fulfilled

- Passing qualifying examination
- Passing report on preliminary research plans
- Publishing a paper in an international journal
- Passing defense for his/her thesis
4) Graduate officer of the department can add extra requirements of at most two core courses to be taken after considering the list of courses taken by admitted students for deficiency. The course(s) taken as deficiency are not counted towards the course credit for the degree. Separate forms are to be filled out with the graduate officer's approval and the result should be reported before graduation.

2. Degree Acquiring Process

The steps for acquiring PhD degree are shown in the

with the description of each steps is in the following paragraphs.

1) Supervisor Selection
Supervising professor is to be selected before the end of the first semester.

2) Course Work Planning
Course work is to be planned within the first year with supervisor's consultation and it needs to be submitted to graduate officer of the department.

3) Qualifying Examination
  1. Examination Period : Students must pass the examination successfully within 4 terms after the entrance (6 terms in case of part time students). The Qualifying Examination is held twice a year in Industrial Engineering Department and the test opportunity for a student is given twice.
  2. Course Selection for Examination : Application for Qualifying Examination is to be filled out with 5 courses selected under his/her supervisor's advice and to be submitted to the department office with the approval from the chair of the department.
  3. - No more than one course for one professor is allowed and the course in other department is not allowed - Written examination can be taken when the chair of the department approves the application
  4. Criterion for Passing : Status of 'Pass' and 'Fail' is given for each course taken. When 3 or more course receives 'Fail', the whole examination is considered 'Fail'.
  5. Applicable Period for the Examination Standard : Current criterion applies to all students enrolled in PhD students who have not taken the examination prior to March 1st, 2001
  6. Progress Regulation : Students who have passed the whole or partial examination as of March 1st of 2003 can take retroaction on his/her examination status if the student wishes. When the student who passed the partial examination wishes to take retroaction, the status of partial passing is cancelled with two new opportunities for taking examination.
4) Thesis Committee Selection
At least five professors including the graduating student's supervisor (chairman of the committee) should be selected as thesis committee with supervisor's consultation by the end of the graduating student's last semester. List of the thesis committee is to be submitted to graduate officer after consent of the committee members. Half of the committee members are to be selected by the department.

5) Submission of Preliminary Research Plans
Preliminary research plan is to be submitted by the end of the 4th semester after the entrance to examination committee for their approval after a meeting. For the case when the plan is not approved by the committee, application for postponement needs to be filled out and submitted to department office.

Written form of research plan has to be submitted to the committee prior two weeks prior to the preliminary meeting which is held in the form of seminar. The preliminary research plan is approved when four-fifth of the committee agrees and the result of the preliminary meeting is to be submitted by the chief of the committee to University's graduate committee in the written form after the approval of the departmental chair.

6) Publishing Paper in International Journal
Graduating student has to publish (or accepted to be published) at least one paper in one of the listed international journals (in the section for listed journals).

7) Requesting for Defense
'Application of Defense for PhD Degree for Department' has to be filled out and submitted with the required documents to the graduate officer of the department for an approval a month prior to the defense date. After the approval, 'Application of Defense for PhD Degree for University' has to be filled out and submitted to Office of Academic Information.

8) Thesis Submission for Examination
Graduating student should submit his/her thesis at least two weeks before his/her defense along with the published papers in international journal.

9) Thesis Defense
Defense should be held by the end of November for students graduating in February of the following year and by the end of May for students graduating in August of the same year. The defense should take the form of seminar with oral examination of the student's specialized area of research. At least four-fifth of the committee members should approve the student's passing.

10) Report Submission for Defense Result
Chairman of thesis committee should submit the written report of the student's defense result by the end of December for students graduating in February of the following year and by the end of June for students graduating in August of the same year.

11) Final Thesis Submission
Deadlines for the final copy of thesis submission for graduating in February and August are January 6th and June 6th of the graduating year respectively. One hard copy should be submitted to department office which will be passed onto the University's Office of Academic Information and digital copy should be uploaded onto the university's Digital Library System. Format of the thesis is according to the information written in the university handbook.