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To create new values and innovations

Industrial and management engineering is an academic discipline that involves the study of the design, development, and the management of integrated systems of people, material, equipment, and information in a variety of sectors. Therefore, industrial and management engineering provides excellent opportunities to create new values and innovations in today's dynamic global environment.

The mission of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering is to cultivate creative leaders in the era of convergence and innovation based on the core competencies of POSTECH. To achieve this mission, we focus on providing specialized education and research programs based on the unique strengths of the Department; conducting research that significantly contributes to the academia and to the industry; and fostering the development of young talents with systems thinking capability, passion, and humanity.

We welcome you all to our newly revised homepage. We will do our best to make this homepage a place of dialogue for all people in the field of industrial and management engineering.

Byung-In Kim, Ph.D.
Department Head